Just a heads up to all those that have expressed interest or requested info on the "D" lowers, i received word that the next batch of DGW "D" lowers will be ready and shipping to me in June/July, and i am getting a fixed amount from the limited run they are doing for this batch.

Pricing on these will be $110 cash out the door, and i am accepting pre-orders if you want to lock in a lower to be guaranteed to get one. I will be posting these online on a couple of the local forums, as the Detroit crowd really likes these. I will be doing price breaks if multiples are ordered, contact me for quantity pricing.

I am asking that all pre-orders be cash sales, as it avoids CC fees, and allows me to keep your cash with your invoice, so when the order ships, i will have everyone accounted for.

Thanks for your patience, and i look forward to getting these, i think i'm setting a few aside this time for myself, as i don't know when they will be making more, as this run will include thre variants of DGW lowers.....Regular/"D"/Skeletonized.

Contact me to set up a pre-order.