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Thread: Shocker! 😱 Former Detroit cop facing federal charges for towing corruption

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    Quote Originally Posted by grr456 View Post
    Yeah, 2 years and 15 months - That isn't even a slap on the wrist in my eyes for the grief and money they have caused everyone....They are cops and should get life...

    Just my .02....grr
    I agree, they should be held to a higher standard. They're the ones enforcing law, so they should have higher punishments for breaking the law. After all the dust settled they are only ruining their own neighborhood and wonder why no one comes to spend money in Detroit.

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    I still think the murder of Collin Rose (WSU Officer) was connected to the car theft ring downtown.
    I believe he stumbled into something he was not suppose to see/know about and they killed him over it.

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    Detroit PD is so dirty and the culture of corruption is so deep that it will never change.

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