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Thread: Shocker! 😱 Former Detroit cop facing federal charges for towing corruption

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    Default Shocker! 😱 Former Detroit cop facing federal charges for towing corruption

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    Bet they were towing a lot of newer Dodges.

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    Im amazed it took this long to realize B@T was crooked

    my car was stolen in Detroit, Recovered on wayne state campus, the pictures wayne state police took did not match the condition of the car when I picked it up from B&T, Oh and B&T didnt notify me that the car was recovered or notify the police they had it ,

    friday tigers game, got drunk buddy drove me home
    car stolen and recovered sometime between friday night and Saturday morning (found parked on sidewalk ) towed as illegally parked

    i went to get car Saturday about noon, missing!!! file report with police

    30 days later B&T send me a intent to auction notice, they never filed the paper work with police about the car, they wanted to bill me 1500 for towing and storage, detroit police told me i had to pay, state police informed B&T they were in possession of stolen property
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    The thing I can't understand is that other people had to know about this. People in this guys department had to be looking the other way. There is no way that this al happened in a bubble.

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    cliff notes for those that did not read the piece.... "SHE" was indited for taking a bribe ($3,000) from a individual that had several towing company s and was given "first dibs" because of it....

    noting at all about the stolen car ring...
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