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Thread: New DD recommendations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birdie2000 View Post
    Lol I'm not going offroading in the thing so an elocker is not critical. They would have an LSD or something from the factory, right? I'm pretty adamant about having a manual transmission if I were to go the 4runner path. How does it ride? Is the interior quality higher? Comfortable on long trips?

    While a great truck in many ways and certainly a well-kept example, an H3 is not quite the vehicle I'm looking for.

    Starting to think a German wagon and good extended service plan may be in my future.

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    If it doesn't have the e-locker, I believe it will have an LSD otherwise... and it should have a center diff lock as well.

    Toyota interiors aren't what you call luxurious, but they are nice and practical. I don't have a lot to compare them with, however. The 90s Toyota leather was pretty prone to getting brittle and cracking badly.

    I find them comfortable enough, keeping in mind that it is a truck. I'm 6'2 and never felt cramped, even in a reg cab pickup (although the lack of storage space sucks).

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    Great. Thank you!

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