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Thread: Local place that rents dyno time for DIY tuning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soap View Post
    If you just want a pull for numbers it's better to go to a local dyno day where it will only cost you $40-50.


    A lot of shops run those dyno days during the summer for various groups/clubs. Easy day for them, no tuning, just a bunch of guys looking to make noise and get a number to dwell on. I know Jakes does a couple during the summer, one for the MiFbody guys usually. Dr.Phil does the tuning there, he either owns the dyno, or part of it I thought?

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    Quote Originally Posted by derbydad276 View Post
    I would love to put my merc on a dyno just to see what it has
    how much does it cost for a couple pulls no tuning?
    Salinas Motorsports. They are located right next to the Ambassador bridge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrainFearGone View Post
    Dont mean to hijack but is he doing the tuning at the shop?

    Yes i beleive so.

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