4th Gen Firebird/Camaro Ford 9" Rear End Package
Macomb, MI
I am selling a close to complete rear end setup for you 4th gen F-body guys. This is a stock width/brake/ebrake/abs ring setup. Setup with a -3.50 motive gear
-31 spline moser axles
Setup will come with the other following components.
-Spohn tubular adjustable torque arm w/loop. *Tunnel Mounted*
-BMR Tubular non-adjustable lower control arms *NEW*
-BMR X-Treme rear sway bar
-QA1 Double adjustable rear shocks *NEW*
-Aerospace rear brake kit

Majority of the items are new or have less then a year on them, as ive been rebuilding the car and had planned on using this setup. Things changed, and the whole rear setup is now going to a fabricated setup so this has to go. If you are wanting your stock ABS/Brakes you could pull the aerospace off and bolt your stock stuff back on. It is currently still in the car, but if anyone is really interested in it, i can have it out and on the ground in a few hours.
This is a killer setup for anyone looking to race or even just have something solid on the street. Never had any issues with this.

I didnt include the springs on there as i cant recall what spring rate they are. I know they are a drag spring. But if you wanted them, we can throw them in for a small cost.
Same with the BMR pan. If anyone wants that as well, just let me know.