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Thread: Changing a pinion yoke on a 9"

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    Default Changing a pinion yoke on a 9"

    Never done this before, got an old 9" axle that I need to swap the 1310 yoke to a 1350.

    This uses a crush sleeve right?

    Can I just take the pinion out of the 3rd member, remove the yoke, install a new crush sleeve, and keep tightening the pinion nut with new yoke until I get to the desired inch/lb to turn the pinion?

    What in/lb should I use?

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    I've changed pinion yokes on Chrysler 8 3/4 rear ends, similar to a 9" Ford kinda. It's a front loader. I just checked the drag with an in/lb wrench before disassembly, and set it back to that number after I swapped yokes. They also make combo u-joints, maybe avoid swapping yokes if ones available for your app.
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