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    Default Radiator hose T

    I'd like to find a metal radiator hose tee for a heater hose return on a Cadillac 500. So, ideally it'd be 1.5" (the water pump side) or 1.75" (the radiator side) in diameter with a 5/8" tee off it.

    I believe Duramax has them. However, I can't seem to find any to buy.

    I think GM 23333192 might be it, but I can't find any specifications. Plus it is plastic. Would rather have metal.

    I think I might just buy a Kat's off fleabay. Kat's 28114, 28115, 28116, etc.


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    look into the late 90's Ford Taurus. the DOHC has a pass side hose with a T in it. It will be plastic molded though.

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