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Thread: carb'd 5.0 nitrous?

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    Default carb'd 5.0 nitrous?

    I've never had a nitrous car. I'd like to put a little shot on the '66. like 50-75 shot or so.
    who makes a complete kit? also, can I arm and unarm the system with a toggle switch?

    Also, I've heard horror stories about starting a nitrous car and it exploding. Is that why there is a purge? When do you have to purge it?

    I'm assuming I'll need a "wet" kit. Does that mean I'll need an electronic fuel pump instead of the mechanical? If nitrous is several hundred PSI, and fuel is 5psi, won't the nitrous reach the carb before the fuel? is there a delay on the nitrous opening to allow the fuel to get int he carb first?

    how many runs can you make on a bottle, with a 75 shot?

    any good books to read/articles to learn about nitrous?
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    I would suggest a Nitrous Express stage 6 plate because it worked for me with all the included jettings... nitrous leaking into the engine can happen because of the Leaky solenoid and is unpreventable. It's simply a failure of a solenoid and it will bite you in the ass. A purge valve is to get air out of the nitrous line. It's not really necessary. as far as 900 PSI nitrous getting into the engine faster than 5 PSI fuel it's not something you have to worry about. the purge valve is to get rid of air and make sure nitrous is right at the plate when it all turns on which would actually make the nitrous get in the engine quicker...again don't worry about a purge valve unless you want to be as cool as Paul Walker. the optimum bottle pressure is 900 PSI according to Steve Johnson when he did our nitrous seminar. I'm sure he would sell you an Edelbrock kit with complete confidence and a custom jetting chart. Jetting chart is based on the jetting sizes and the fuel and bottle pressures. one company might want you to use 6 PSI fuel pressure the other might want you to use 5psi.. Using a Full Throttle switch to activate the nitrous is the best way. I've always pulled two degrees of timing out for every 50 horsepower of nitrous and I've never hurt any parts. If you don't want to get fancy I would just set your distributor 4 degrees retarded for your hundred shot that you're going to run. You're not going to notice any performance loss on motor...I never did.

    I could get 3 10-second passes out of a 15 lb bottle with a 200 shot jetting. I recommend a 15 lb bottle because "why not"..
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    As far as starting the car and having an explosion/backfire. Just make sure the bottle is ALWAYS closed the second you are done using it. When I'm done I shut my 1/4 ball valve, then close my bottle, then purge everything out of my lines that already out of the bottle. That way there is no pressure on the backside of the solenoid. With nothing in there, there is no way for it to leak into the engine.

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