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Thread: 2004 Chevy Tahoe z71

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    Default 2004 Chevy Tahoe z71

    My daily driver is up for sale if anyone is interested: Craigslist Ad Here
    Asking $5500 but can discount a bit for MM brethren.

    Details are in the CL ad, but it's a very clean and well maintained truck. Currently being driven 80 miles/day for the work commute. Rich (Detroit Gearbox) replaced all of the brake & fuel lines in 2015 to correct the well known "rusty tubes" issue these trucks have. He also rebuilt the trans in 2015 @ 124k with some premium parts and I have no doubt it'll outlive the truck. In the past year, it's received a new water pump, fan clutch, belts, iridium plugs, rear pads, rear u-joints & front powder coated bumper. Fuel pump (new Delco) and alternator (J&P rebuilt) were replaced in late 2016. It's mostly stock, but has a K&N CAI, Bilstein 5100 shocks & BFG KO2 A/T tires. Amsoil throughout the powertrain. Single, no kids, no pets, WeatherTech floor liners - so the interior is about as clean as I think you'll find on truck this age. Truck is very reliable, being DD from Royal Oak to Ecorse, and the vast majority of the 181k miles has been on the I-696/I-275 highway commute.

    Known Issues: Left rear door was backed into by a neighbor. Door is fully functional - no creases or rust, just cosmetic. Missing a piece of plastic body trim behind the right rear wheel. Front hood lip and windshield have numerous small stone chips. Undercarriage has typical MI rust, though the brake & fuel lines have all been replaced. The transfer case is original and has the common "NP246 pump rub" pinhole leak issue, but it's been epoxied and hasn't leaked since - YMMV.


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    I love how these trucks look. Nice ride.

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