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Thread: Looking for a classic Mustang project

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    Default Looking for a classic Mustang project

    OK, let me start by saying that this is in the early stages of brainstorming... and give you a little bit of background. I have a very very close friend. One who has been there for me through all of my recent trials and tribulations (divorce, custody battle, etc). She is an absolutely amazing person. I firmly believe that the letters she wrote on my behalf helped me to keep custody of my kids and that is the kind of debt that one can never repay. It sounds cliche, but literally the nicest person that I have ever met who would do anything for a friend or a stranger in need.

    Her son and her husband had recently began work on restoring an old 67-69? Mustang as the kind of father and son project we all love to see. Unfortunately, while working on the car, it caught fire in their garage and exploded. Her son suffered third degree burns to his face and arm, and they lost their house and virtually all of its contents in the fire.

    They are all relatively OK at this point and dealing with the immediate after effects of such an event... securing housing, clothing, etc to continue life. The rest of their family and community is rallying around them and taking care of those things.

    Id like to think that when they are ready, the final piece of moving forward might be another Mustang for them.

    I am looking for any leads you might have on a project Mustang of this era. Beyond that, anything leads in related parts would also be great. Engines, wheels, interior, trim, hoods, trunks, whatever. Im sure that at some point, getting her husband and son back to working on a car would be an amazing end to what will certainly be a great comeback story.

    Thanks MM.

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    Wow, thank God everyone is going to be OK. Good luck with this endeavor I will keep my eyes open for a car. It is a 67 or 68 would need to see the sides to know, but they only had very minor differences like the addition of side markers on the 68, and MUSTANG was written in cursive on the side of the 68, vs block letters on the 67. Also, I think in 68 they may have switched from the 289 to 302 for small block, but not totally sure.

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    I will have some left over parts from the '66.
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    I have some leftover parts from my 1969.

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    You're a good friend to those folks Mike, I would have expected nothing less of you!

    This story brought back memories, in 1990 my friend was working on his 16 year
    olds car with him in their garage together in the winter. They were removing the
    gas tank and shut off the kerosene heater BEFORE doing so.

    Unfortunately the heating element was still hot enough to ignite the fumes, the
    fire destroyed their home and cars but much worse, the 16 year old son died.

    I am so happy to hear everyone made it out of this fire. I too will be keeping an
    eye out for a possible project Mustang.

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    That green 4 eye rules!! I hope they get back into a project, not easy to do with a teenager that age!
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    I dont have a line on any project cars, but I do have a low of spare parts for 60's-70 Fords. If they do manage to get one, let me know what it needs and I will help if I can.
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