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Thread: Thinking of getting back in the car game again

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    I have a nice 2006 CTS-V I'm about to put for sale.

    2006 CTS-V
    Loaded, heated front seats, Nav, power sun roof, brembo brakes, etc.
    LS2, T-56, 3.73 car factory
    Brand new parts this month:
    Stage 2 T-56 from TDP w/ paper work
    LS7 clutch, flywheel, modified slave
    Front and rear brakes with ceramic pads
    RR wheel bearing and half shaft
    Long tube headers
    Bosch 02 sensors
    Ambient air sensor
    Newish axle gimbo and center bearing
    Magnaflow mufflers

    Car is going back to the dealer next week for a GM accessory spoiler, new front brake lines, passenger airbag seat sensor and column for recall.

    It has like 105K miles, LS2 is essentially stock and runs great. The AC has a slow leak that I normally charge in the spring. The driver wheel liner is cracked and rubbed on the front tire at one time, its zip tied up into place.

    Asking $14,500 obo.

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    Will let my vette go for $10,500

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    You're killing me with that Vega! I've always had a soft spot for those. I bought a non-running but reasonably clean 1977 (not Cosworth) and had it sit next to my garage for a couple of years because I was going to stick a V8 in it. I even brought it with me when I moved but got tired of it being in the way and couldn't sell it so I wound up donating it to one of those car donation places. Made me very sad because even thought it was pretty clean it was probably sold off for scrap.

    On the oddball side, this car has really, really been calling my name:

    It is more than I would want to spend but man, that thing sure is sweet!

    It's hard to say how long it will be before I am ready to buy. I may have jumped the gun a bit because I need to sell a house before I can do anything. I thought it would sell quickly once we put it on the market because real estate was hot but it has cooled considerably recently. If anyone knows anybody looking for a ranch with an attached 2 car garage in Novi, let me know! It should be on the market in a few weeks.

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    On the oddball side, this car has really, really been calling my name:
    Needs 8 lug wheels ...otherwise... perfection.... super rare Hurst shifter
    Driven Crazy

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