Having a few domestic vehicles equipped with tire pressure monitoring sensors; I am looking to pick up a TPMS reprogramming, training module, resetting, & activation diagnostic tool.
Those handheld "relearning" tools will not do, as I already have tried those without success.
The GM & some Ford vehicles often require reprogramming newly installed TPMS, so my main focus is on GM vehicles from 2004 to present.
The market is flooded with devices that claim it'll do it, but then the prices flag its credibility.
IE: The Autel TS601 Maxi @ 350.00 claims it will do the job & other beneficial diag, but the Autel TS501 @ 180ish bucks suggests it works for all OEM/Universal TPMS sensors, but it appears to only functions for TPM diag.
Does anyone recommend a tool that will work for under 50.00 for just the TPM system?
Or is the TS601 the better route & spend the 350.00?

Personally, I'd rather be able to control the TPM system to change it to my needs, but I think that'll require a Tech2, which is more involved & higher dollar. If there are options for that, I'd like to know more about that. PM if you have input for that.