With new tune installed, replaced oil pump as it died, it now has a nice idle and does not limp mode at idle speed so far.

After a few soft runs that spun a limp mode with zero codes or reference info, we think we found the culprit. Shift points. There must be some sort of safety built in some where that when the vehicle shifts, it will over rev slightly. But that over rev is sending the TCM into panic mode. So we backed the RPM range down and that feels like it fixed 70% of the issues. We still have a WOT limp mode issue and a limp mode above 80mph in 4th. But it feels like it could be a programming issue.

Final part is temperature. This thing does not like the cold. Throttle response is super laggy from a standing position to slow roll and it stutters until the temps warm up. Then it runs like a champ. And when full boost is reach at 7psi, I have to remember that just because my foot is off the gas, it doesn't mean the car is ready to slow down!