Removed from a 2011 Boss 302 at 17k Miles. H-pipe and sidepipes were discontinued by Ford a while back and will be getting harder to find as time goes on. Will fit all 11-14 5.0 cars and could be modified to fit other years im sure.

Everything is in excellent shape besides one flexpipe on a sidepipe looks like it has worn through a little bit of the exterior portion from contact, the actual inside portion of the flex pipe is still in good shape. Most of the hardware is there as well besides one nut on the passenger cat flange. Insides of the cats are in great shape and no cracking of the honeycomb.

Willing to sell the H-pipe with or without the cats.

Exhaust manifolds $60
Cats $200
H-pipe with side pipes and no cats $600 or $780 with cats.

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