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    Can anyone shingle a small overhang on the back of my garage for me? I had a guy tell me buy the shingles and felt and he would do it. Then he disappeared after I bought everything the same day. It is only 4ft by 24ft and only about 7-8ft off the ground. I have everything except a nail gun and nails. Can anyone take care of this for me before the rain ruins the plywood? Iím in warren. Thank you.

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    If you have a ladder and get some nails, a roof that small isn't hard to do. You put down the felt and ice dam (if using that rubber layer). First row you cut the shingle flaps off so you can get that tar layer to adhere the next row to. Then you nail into the tar row as you lay the shingles up. That could probably be done in a few hours. Nail gun would make it faster but doing it by hand with a hammer and loose nails wouldn't take too much longer.
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