GNP on Issues

This is currently a work in progress, and everything is still open for debate and discussion. The party platform focuses on the Constitution in tandem with the following planks. I encourage all Patriots to take a look at the GNP handbook, and to share any concerns or suggestions you may have.

1. Supporting School Choice, Voucher Programs, Charter Schools, and Homeschooling. Parental Rights are being eroded by the state. Major party issue.

1a. Any government obligation to provide education resources is contingent on good faith efforts to learn and improve skills and knowledge. No Ideological Indoctrination in Public Schools.

2. Responsible Government spending, Line for Line auditing. Each dollar should be accounted for and spent at market value.

3. Ban on public officials Lobbying

4. Term Limits for all political offices

5. Limit foreign aid while Americans are suffering. If the Government can afford to send Billions to other nations the Government has too much money

6. Reform the prison system, Offer mandatory recovery programs for drug offenders. Reform prison into a place to prepare non violent offenders for reentry into society, not somewhere radicalization takes place.

7. Less protections for lifelong bureaucrats who do not meet adequate standards. Enact tough but fair penalties for any public official, politician, bureaucrat, or private contractor serving the public that is involved in corruption.

8. Complete and total audits of every Government Branch/office every year. searching for waste and corruption.

9. Election Reform. Hardening election security, moving elections to either paper only ballots or open source/Blockchain technologies able to be analyzed and reviewed by any citizen. Election Security and integrity (Taiwanese/Blockchain model)

9a. Tiered Voting- Gives people the option to vote third party without fear of giving the opposition party an advantage. Helps dismantle two party system.

10. Reign in foreign policy and wars. Focus on Monroe type Doctrine. Big Military to deter enemy states i.e. China. End the wars in the middle east. End artificial regime change.

11. Pursue modern nuclear energy options. Far safer than previous forms of nuclear energy. Help end fears of climate change and pollution while giving cheap and reliable energy with little to no safety risks.

12. Expanding and Enforcement of AntiTrust Laws. Big Corporations and Big Banks Have become far too powerful and must be curbed.

13. The banning of all pork Spending in future legislation.

14. Medical rights and bodily autonomy. Protecting the right to private healthcare. We are not necessarily anti state to state public alternatives.

14a. Open artificial restraints on insurance provider competition. Open state lines to allow cheaper prices and more choice.

14b. Protection against forced medical procedures of all types.

15. Repeal the Patriot Act and mass spying in American citizens

16. End the need for abortion. The death of any human, especially the unborn, is a tragedy that must be prevented whenever possible. Educate Americans on alternatives to abortion such as adoption and the availability of resources available to new unexpecting parents. Sole exceptions are in the case for certain death of child and mother. Must be heavily regulated.

16a. Subsidize adoptions for Families and streamline the adoption and foster care systems. Enact tax breaks for families that adopt.

17. Moratorium on all immigration when unemployment is above 4%. Capping immigration at 200k per year. Increase vetting of immigrants to ensure they are compatible with American values. This will allow new Citizens to integrate into American culture faster and achieve the American Dream.

17a. Finish a physical barrier across the southern US. Ensure it is designed to work with not against the local environment. Allowing illegal immigration causes the deaths of thousands of migrants as well as slavery and sexual assault.

17b. Enact meaningful punishments for employers who hire and abuse illegal immigrants. Hiring illegal immigrants for cheap labor is tantamount to slavery and damaging to not only migrants but the economy as a whole.

18. Begin the process of decoupling from China. As China continues to genocide itís citizens and expand its sphere of influence across the Globe, we must remain independent of Communist manipulation.

18a. Retain gainful domestic manufacturing where applicable. Emphasis on Computer, Aeronautics, and advanced manufacturing. All medical supplies must be made outside of Chinese controlled territories.

19. Outreach to ALL communities on how the GOP DNC and Media uses them as pawns.

20. Repeal of all unconstitutional and anti 2A laws.

20a. Ban Red flag laws as they currently stand. Potentially reform them to be judged by a jury of 12 peers with a medical professional as counsel rather than an unaccountable bureaucrat. Leave Generous room for appeals.

20b. Consider subsidized Firearms Safety training for anyone over the age of 18. Can be used as a compromise against anti 2a gun control. Enact a voucher system used to pay private trainers and or public Law Enforcement groups to conduct training.

20c. Repeal the National Firearms act.

21. Protections against Anti Worker policies and technologies. Limits on automation.

21a. As technology advances, it is becoming increasingly clear that AI and robotics can and will be used by those in power to disenfranchise and replace the working and class in America.

22. Cap Income and corporation tax at 33%, with a Mandatory minimum of 10%. Tax Brackets vary by income and tax breaks. No free rides for corporations or billionaires.

22a. Eliminate all Federal income tax burdens for citizens living below the poverty line.

23. Pursue reforms guaranteeing that individuals own their own private data online.

Again, This is still very early and we plan on further expanding the platform. Please share with us any ideas and or concerns you have.