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Thread: R302 based 359" Shortblock Built for Boost

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    Default R302 based 359" Shortblock Built for Boost

    Selling an R302 based 359" shortblock. All parts are 100% new and unused with the exception of the block (was used when it was smaller 4.030" bore) and the oil pan.

    -FRPP R302 Block
    -3.400" stroke
    -5.400" rod
    -4.100" bore
    -Set up for High Ports
    -Other inline heads may work (this is on the buyer to verify)

    -Forged Eagle crank
    -Forged Eagle h-beam rods with ARP 2000 bolt upgrade
    -Custom Bennett Spec Ross Pistons with small dome (2.95cc)
    -Thick wall tool steel pins
    -Internal balanced
    -AP Tool Steel rings gapped for big boost
    -Clevite HP bearings throughout ; rod bearings hand radiused on fillet side
    -ARP studs throughout
    -Precision blueprinted oil pump ; standard volume, high pressure spring and shimmed
    -Canton windage tray
    -Canton pickup
    -Canton 7 quart oil pan ; tapped for oil return

    Does not come with:

    -Harmonic damper
    -Timing chain set
    -Oil pump driveshaft
    -Anything else not listed above

    With a 68cc chamber and 0.052" gasket, static compression ratio is 10.25:1

    Rotator is properly clearanced/assembled, but oil pump/windage tray/pickup/pan are not installed.

    Would cost roughly $8,000 to duplicate this setup as it sits - if you can even find an R302 block to begin with.

    $4000 picked up. Located in Port Huron, Michigan. Serious buyers can come look in person.

    No trades and no pic collectors.

    810-990-9842 is my cell since I don't check here often.
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