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Thread: All-electric F-150 Lightning

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBK View Post
    I drove one of these and it was really fuckin nice. Super fast, quiet, comfortable. I mean it's a great daily driver if you're in the market for a ridiculously expensive daily with *some* cargo capacity that will never go very far. As it will be for all battery powered "utility" vehicles. And I'd personally like 1 BEV just to have a car I can use to avoid stopping for gas entirely inside a defined distance. But for that money? Uh, no.

    Gonna be a long, long time before you can buy a reasonably priced BEV vehicle that'll tow anything any kind of distance.
    I had the same opinion, I travel a whopping 5 miles a day for work (round trip). So an electric vehicle would suit me fine. But I need really "need" another vehicle in the fleet. I ride one of the bikes most nice days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsxtreme View Post
    I've experienced this on several occasions and as the guy in the video said "it's a truck that can't do truck things". But then again, that's what most people do with their trucks, not truck things.
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