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Thread: So I have a project and...

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    Default So I have a project and...

    I have no idea where to start. I have a 1986 Corvette I bought when I was stationed out in California with slo240SX. She ran then, but when I came home to Missouri, a series of unfortunate events happened, and now its been almost 10 years since she started. She has languished, been pilfered, and ruined. As it stands right now, here is what I am facing:

    -New engine. I bought her as a 383 stroker but I am unsure how much damage has been done with her just sitting. I would LIKE to get either a 383 prebuilt stroker, or a 400
    -likely a new transmission, the plan is a TH400 as well as rebuilding the rear end
    -interior is shot due to driver side window being stuck down about 2" for the past 10 years
    -paint is ruined in some spots, showing fiberglass. I wanted to repaint to a different color from the gold-ish color anyway
    -Wiring.....wiring is screwed, the car has sat in a field for almost 10 years, so I am fairly certain its been chewed through by field mice. Would likely have to redo anyway since I want to relocate the battery an do an engine swap.
    -Wheels: the beginning of the unfortunate events, I need to source a good set of wheels and tires for her, that is the primary as she is currently sitting on blocks so I cant even get the car on a trailer.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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    Here is my input:

    Wheels- Get something with the correct offset so you can avoid spacers (this is a huge budget item, so plan accordingly). I want to replace the chrome ZR1 wheels on my 1993 vette with the painted version. I know a lot of people like C5/C6 wheels but they require adapters to space it out. You might be able to source some less popular C4 wheels for cheap.

    Wiring- Are you planning on repairing or replacing? You might be able to find a harness from another scrap C4. If you plan to do a lot of mods, look at a generic American Autowire, Painless (expensive option), or Speedway Motors has some 12-22 circuit harnesses. Aftermarket harness is a good option, and is probably your best as far as reliability but will require the most work/planning

    Interior- What color is the interior? You might be able to find a newer pair of vette seats and redo the carpet /underlayment to get rid of stink/mildew etc. A lot of people are gutting C4s and scrapping parts, especially interiors

    What are you planning on doing for the air/fuel setup? That is a Crossfire (missfire) system IIRC, not sure when the TPI was added to the Vettes. If you are planning on doing fuel injection, maybe look into an LS swap. Those are easier to find and you can mod the harness so that might save you a little bit of a headache and some cash in the process. When my LT1 takes a shit, I plan to do an LS /T56 swap.

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