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Thread: GM money spent om GLSEN

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    Default GM money spent om GLSEN

    According to the GM 2021 Social Impact Report, General Motors provided a grant to the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a pro-transgender organization, to supply children’s books to kindergarten and elementary classrooms.

    In a report from The Epoch Times, GM provided $86.7 million in all types of donations to nonprofits encouraging inclusivity around the globe. GLSEN’s Rainbow Library falls in this category, which seeks to provide supportive literature that is LGBTQ+ centered, as well as racially diverse and multicultural.
    “This innovative program also provides ongoing support and professional guidance for educators to create inclusive, supportive and identity-safe classrooms nationwide,” GM’s 2021 Social Impact Report read.

    “In recent years, GM and Chevrolet have provided grants to GLSEN to support their work to create safe, supportive and LGBTQ-inclusive learning environments for students,” a GM and Chevy spokeswoman was quoted as saying. “This is just one of the many initiatives and causes that GM has supported as the company provides philanthropic grants to hundreds of nonprofits each year.”
    However, GLSEN has been criticized for allegedly trying to add “trans and non-binary” gender theory into schools. Notably, a parent’s rights advocate recently accused the organization of using its Rainbow Library program to “covertly groom children and influence educational policy” on social media.

    GM has been working to become a more inclusive company in the past several years, and these donations follow suit in the Detroit-based automakers efforts. In fact, The General was graded as a top performer in the 2022 Rainbow PUSH Coalition Automotive Diversity Scorecard, which measures an automaker’s diversity in employment, advertising, marketing, procurement, dealers and philanthropy. In addition, GM joined the Gender and Diversity KPI Alliance (GDKA), a coalition that allows companies to measure their gender and diversity, and how to improve upon them.

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    Yea, I saw this as well and my jaw dropped, then I was sad/disappointed as a long time GM fan and ex-employee. Another one was the Byron Allen blackmail last year where Mary bent the knee to the blackmailers after they placed a couple full page ads in the NY Times calling her racist. Apparently meritocracy is racist now too?

    No clue what GM is thinking. You'd think they'd know their customer base better. It's really getting hard to defend the home team(s).
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    I don't know why corporations feel like they need to donate money to other places to force their will upon others. I fully support things like the United Way where you give money to an entity that finds a way to help all, donating money to entities supporting veterans, suicide prevention, etc but I find it difficult to understand why a corporation would want to be involved in picking causes that are winners to them that don't directly affect their bottom line. Like what about some other group that was denied or got less funding? Magically gENERAL mOTORS no longer cares about that cause as much? Doesn't that look bad?

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    The wokeism is entrenched deep.

    Good luck turning back the wave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrath View Post
    I don't know why corporations feel like they need to donate money to other places to force their will upon others.
    They don't. Brain-dead diaper-wearing "leaders" perpetuate this nonsense assuming they're satisfying a path of lesser resistance.
    A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

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