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Thread: Was watching a YouTube video today and what did I see?

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    Default Was watching a YouTube video today and what did I see?

    I was watching a drag racing video from South Georgia Motorsport Park. It was a Tick Performance video (big Grubb Worm fan) detailing the stick shift class and in one part of the video what do I see? A silver Mustang in the background rolling up toward the camera with a large Stenod Racing sticker on the front fascia. I haven't had anything worth racing in a long time so I am probably a bit out of the loop but Joe has a YouTube channel now. Was good to see a familiar face that I haven't seen in a long time!

    I do wonder what happened to a lot of the OG crew. Unfortunately I did not do a good job of staying in contact with most. I am going to try and get out to some events this year even if I still don't have my car running.

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    Yeah Joe and Sean Simpson (i cant remember his name on here) both started the channel to kind of show what hes up to now with starting back up the business and doing it full time again.

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    Yeah Joe reopened the shop probably about a year ago. Looks like he been busy. Lots of vettes, Powries car., Raj, .
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