Acer Travelmate 11.3inch, N4120, 128 GB SSD, Win10 (supports 11) 4GB ram.
Here's the AZ link for the model
Good battery and I'll deliver it fully charged but I'm short on AC adapters.
add $10 for an AC adapter or use a USB-C you already have.
(I'll warn you they're kinda picky as to the adapter they like, I'd spend the $10 or order a Liteon PA-1650-80 off eBay)
They're educational models from a Vocational college, that's the bitch, the ram and SSD are soldered to the motherboard and can't be upgraded.

I have used one as a Porsche PIWIS II but I digress.
I'm asking $75 with the factory Win10 or 11 preload.
DIY your tuning software or flip me a few bucks to load your stuff.

They're Educational machines, Not Entertainment machines.
They do not play any fucking games or work on Youtube!!!!
They might, but I don't give a fuck if they don't!
Do your own due diligence.