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Thread: Oh hot dam, this is my jam

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    Quote Originally Posted by AutoEuphoria View Post
    I have started calling songs like this "napkin songs"...because they are so generic that the only place they could have been developed is on a napkin, and the only person dumb enough to write them would have to be drunk.
    lol speaking of napkin sketches, thats what i think of a lot of cars designed these days. Cept the artists are high, not drunk.
    Quote Originally Posted by JDogg
    I'll get in the car and be there by morning to serve you a breakfast of WTF
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    The song just needs to have a good bass line.

    You have to remember...most of the car this song is being played in only have subs and tweeters. The mids are blown so you don't even hear the lyrics. Just BOOM BOOM BOOM from the subs and TSSST TSSST TSSST from the tweeters.

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