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Thread: Suspension & Upgrades - 2001 Mustang GT

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    Default Suspension & Upgrades - 2001 Mustang GT

    I am looking for some additional direction on upgrades I have planned for my car. Generically I know what I want to upgrade, but specifically, I know there is a lot I don't know.

    Here is what I am looking to upgrade, and what I kind of know. I am looking for recommendations on brands or more detail on what I should possibly update or upgrade at the same time.

    Front Suspension:
    K-Member, Control arms, shocks, springs, basically the entire front suspension. Strut tower brace?

    Rear Suspension:
    Shocks, Springs, additional items.

    Rear End:
    I believe I have a stock rear end, but I want to prevent a 1 wheel peel and have it be decently strong.

    Trans mount, loop, Driveshaft

    Anything else I should look into? Any specifics would help as I don't remember my trans-am having this many parts to replace when I did it years ago lol.

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    Well, first thing needed for recommendations is your goal with the car. Street, track, drag race, autocross?

    Look into Maximum motorsports for suspension. I have their in-house Foxbody front struts on my 1969 Mustang, they are quality parts. I have AJE tubular control arms and K member, but Maximum is a better company in my opinion.

    I would get a stock strut tower brace if you can find it (they should be relatively cheap).

    Replace the rear control arms with adjustable tubular parts (depending on your budget). If you dont want to toss that kind of cash at it now, you can do poly bushings for the upper/lower control arms.

    For the Trac-loc, yours might just need a rebuild, it should have had a limited slip diff from the factory if it was a GT. Look at the axle housing tag, it should show something like L308 or L331 (Locking plus the gear ratio). Depending on power/use, you can get away with the stock 28 spline rear end. The late 90s explorers had 31 spline axles, that diff *should* work in the mustang housing for pretty cheap if you can find one. If not, a new limited slip diff and axles are going to be pricey (probably $1500 for the combo, plus new gearing and a rebuild kit + labor)

    If you are doing a trans mount, check your u-joints, it might be time for replacements unless you want a complete driveshaft. Once again, go with a poly trans mount (this will give you more NVH than the soft rubber mount). I had a custom driveshaft made by CCI for a really reasonable price. Depending on overall horsepower, your stock driveshaft might be fine. If you do go with a new unit, have larger U-joints added to the build. Word of caution, the u-joints are the driveline weak link. When you upgrade them, the next weak link is going to be the 28 spline axle shafts and C-clips. If you are doing hard launches or beating on it, you might want a 31 spline axle and diff upgrade.

    Springs- This is going to be up to you. If you do a tubular front end and going coilover, you will need to match the rear springs. Maximum motorsports can walk you through spring rate selection based on goals and car setup (youll have to call them).

    Shocks/struts- I personally like Bilstein brand, but there are many different options. Once again, you need to pair the front and rear for best performance.

    Caster/Camber plates- this is something you dont want to cheap-out on. I would only go with Maximum Motorsports (they are probably the best in the industry for the money).

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    Fir the rear end it’s hard to beat a Tru Trac. All gears, no clutches, you won’t break it.

    I Drag Race Because It's Fun, Not Because I'm Good At It.

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    That is some really good information.

    Its a street car for now, something to grunt around with and do car shows. But, I would like to add additional power to it later, so if I prep for it now, I think I would be better for it money spend wise. The full rear end is the likely setup. I am looking at some BMR and strange components, but I will call MMS and get a break down from them as well. Thanks

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