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Thread: Friends selling this Yukon in gaylord

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    Default Friends selling this Yukon in gaylord

    Friend of mine is looking to get rid of this 4wd Yukon


    Pros: runs good, shifts good, 4x4 works, after market head unit with Bluetooth, bose speakers
    Cons: high miles, rusty, not sure keys work on the door and there's no keyless (so don't lock it, lol), dash is lit up like a Christmas tree, abs light is on because abs controller is bad and blows the fuse (breaks work just no abs), drivers door controls don't work (so you can't put the drivers window down), drivers seat back wobbly (internal seat frame broke), tires are shot (have two sets the is on it are shot, the extera set of snows in the back 3 are good, one is blown) 4x4 works but can be stubborn to get back to 2wd (think the issue is in the push button switch, my 2500 had the same problem), electrical drain
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