We need to have all new posts after today include the following minimum information:

Minimum Contact Information:
This should include the seller's e-mail address just in case you have e-mail turned off from the MM site or you have problems keeping up with your PMs here.

You must include the City where you and the part/vehicle are located. Your full address is not required at this time. This will help the buyers identify items that are located closer to them and allow them to make an informed decision when considering two similar products and their relative prices.

A phone number would go a long way to giving potential buyers a higher level of comfort about the quality of the seller but this will not be mandatory at this time.

Minimum Price Information:
All threads must include a Price or a Price/Best offer listing for each item sold in the post. This should help increase the traffic for the seller and avoid wasting the buyer's time to find out what the price is.

Please remember to be respectful and do not post your own items in someone else's For Sale Thread.

Minimum Post Count
Please understand that we now have minimum user posting requirements before a user can post in the For Sale forums. New users must post 50 times in other areas of the site before they can start their own threads in the For Sale areas. This is being done to help improve the quality of the transactions for both sides. It gives the people of Motown Muscle a chance to meet new users and makes it more difficult for some of the more shady sellers to mass market spam sell things.

Review this thread periodically to keep up with and rule changes in this area.

If you note any suspicious threads that are missing the minimum requirements above, have concerns about a seller or buyer, or trolling in a thread, please take the time to report the thread and the mods will review the issue and take the appropriate action.